Prospective students


At the University of Algarve we offer two post-graduate degrees (Master and Ph.D.) in Archaeology. Both are run in straight collaboration with ICArEHB (Interdisciplinary Center for Archaeology and Evolution of Human Behavior), whose research is organized in four main groups - Prehistoric Coastal Adaptations, African archaeology and Human Evolution, Development of Complex Societies, and History of Archaeological Science. ICArEHB’s projects focus mostly on using different disciplines and methodological approaches, such as material analysis, geoarchaeology, use-wear analysis, zooarchaeology, paleobotany and GIS.

Given my expertise and research focus I am particularly interested in working with students in stone tool analysis and quantitative methods applied to archaeology.


We have several yearly funding opportunities for Ph.D. candidates, both from internal funds and external institutions. These calls are available in the Education & Career section of ICArEHB’s website.

Most of these funding schemes include a monthly salary of 1064€ during 48 months, social security, tuition and fees, as well as yearly hotel and travel for congress presentation. The fellows will also have 22 days of vacation yearly.


For further information nad details concerning Ph.D. opportunities please use the contact section in the homepage of this website.