Over the years I have developed different pieces of software for archaeological data collection, both in the field and in the lab. These were designed to be a fully integrated and customizable solution to record, manage, and share archaeological survey data. The core of the system is two custom smartphone/tablet applications, through which surveyors are able to retrieve geographical coordinates and relevant attribute data from archaeological locations, but also to perform onsite analysis of artifacts, including taking accurate measurements with digital calipers directly connected to the mobile devices. Both were built using the App Inventor freeware application that runs in a web browser and lets users create mobile apps for Android without having to write the traditional software programming codes. This is done by using blocks of preestablished controls, tools, and components that can be combined to perform actions using the internal capabilities and hardware of the smartphone or tablet, but also other available apps.

ArcheoSurvey App

ArcheoSurvey is designed to record site location and the site’s characteristics. The app is composed of two different screens only: one initial screen where the surveyor is allowed to choose between different save modes (i.e., online or offline) to quickly check position on Google Maps and to click a button to start the recording of a new site, and another data entry screen where all the site information is recorded.

Archeosurvey APK - instalation file for your smartphone or tablet.

Archeosurvey AIA - configuration file to use in App Inventor.

Lithics On The Go App

LithicsOTG was developed to transpose to an Android operative system an analysis freeware Windows-only software that we, as well as other researchers, have been using in our laboratory: the E4 program (available here). This program allows faster and more reliable data entry due to the possibility of defining conditional statements that allow variables to be skipped based on values entered for previous variables. This app is composed of a series of screens, each corresponding to a variable that presents either menu items to choose from or numeric input boxes to insert measurements taken on each individual artifact. This can be done using digital calipers connected via USB to the smartphone/tablet.

LithicOTG APK - instalation file for your smartphone or tablet.

LithicsOTG AIA - configuration file to use in App Inventor.